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Are you familiar with the game – JENGA? This game challenges you to see how many pieces you can carefully remove before the entire tower collapses. It is amazing how many pieces can be removed from … more
Loneliness can have a serious impact on the life span of seniors. When older adults feel isolated or alone, it can lead to both physical and mental health problems. Studies have shown that lonely … more
Once again Minnesotans have reached the time of the year where we all go outside. All of us. As much as we possibly can. After all, we only have a short period of time where we can be outside before … more
Both Monica and Claudia were more adept at construction projects than the average suburban gal. Our father was an architect and engineer – always working on some building or mechanical project when … more
Cicadas come out in the summer. It happens every year in Tennessee. They are best known by the high pitched buzz created by the male vibrating their abdomen over 120 times per second. This sound can … more
Monica can be a very sound sleeper. There have been many nights when Claudia climbed the stairs from her living space (basement) to Monica’s (first floor): Knock, knock, knock. “Monica, wake … more
Over the course of my life my parents have always had a dog. And all of those dogs have had some sort of job that was either taught to them or they just naturally did. The dog we had when I was … more
June is national dairy month. So it is appropriate to consider this amazing food source, it’s health benefits, and the controversies and misunderstandings surrounding this food. Milk is a unique … more
Eat your veggies! I heard that a lot during childhood. As a kid, I was never a big fan. My favorite vegetable was corn. And corn isn’t even a vegetable, it’s a grain. Forget peas, carrots, string … more
I have always been intrigued by the solar system. Growing up in the country the night sky seems so vast and captivating. The Big Dipper was one of the first constellations I was able to identify. If … more
Two weeks before teachers were scheduled to return to school, Monica became the proud owner of her "new" 20 acre farm in Wanamingo township. Moving In: Friends came to help -- parishioners from … more
One of the main differences between living in the cities, town, or a small town is the amount of time you can take to chat with people when you’re out and about. When you're in the city you might … more
As I mentioned last month, we live in a world where what is considered normal is not healthy. It is normal to see a variety of “low fat” and “fat free” products at the grocery store. We have … more
General Mills has launched a new cereal line called “LOADED.” GM is filling their cereal squares with vanilla cream. But tests are revealing alarming levels of heavy metals in the filling. Loaded … more
We like going to rock concerts. One of our favorite bands is the southern rock group, Blackberry Smoke. Always a great show every time we see them and we are willing to travel see them perform. So, … more
A farm dog -- for companionship and protection. Monica's daughter had two dogs, both lab-crosses. Together, they could get into so much trouble!! If they weren’t locked in their kennels each … more
As we progress into the first days of Spring, we look back on a winter season that was not the typical Minnesota winter. We can also look back to the fourth anniversary of the Covid pandemic and the … more
Over the years I have discussed geese, ducks and of course goats. However, what I have yet to discuss are turkeys. My current neighborhood has a roaming gang of wild turkeys that has at least ten … more
According to a recent AARP survey, 93% of Americans are concerned about their brain health, yet few understand how to protect it. Research is now showing that canola oil leads to significant declines … more
I do not care for self-checkouts. I never wanted to be a cashier at Dollar General. When I go to a store I expect to be waited on. I stop at the Piggly Wiggly in town. The “Pig” was the first … more
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