Randolph School Closings/Delays Information


School closings and delays are a process that we take seriously. Some examples of what is taken into consideration are safety, educational processes, family disruption and specific school district circumstances. With the winter season coming upon us I wanted to get information out to our School District families and community so you have an understanding of our thought process regarding school closings and delays. Listed below are criteria used in making these decisions.

* Safety- Includes temperature and road conditions for our school buses, students and families driving. Communication occurs between the plowing services and Randolph School personnel who drive the roads early in the morning. We make every effort to decide between 5:30 a.m. and 5:45 a.m.

* Temperature- Minus 25-30 degrees regular temperature and minus 35-40 wind chill, depending what part of the winter we are in, are red flags when consideration begins for closing/delaying. We use the National Weather Service information which takes its data reading from the Stanton Airport.

* Communication is via TV Stations 4, 5, and 11. Randolph Schools Quick Hits, and Randolph School Web Site. However, if only a small number of schools report to TV stations then it may not be put on the air.

* Randolph Child Care- When school is closed we also close Randolph Child Care. When school is closed early during the school day we close Randolph Child Care one hour after school is dismissed early. Same scenario when school is delayed two hours then Randolph Child Care is delayed two hours.

*Randolph Preschool and ECFE- These programs also follow Randolph Schools when closed or delayed. When School is delayed 2 hours, there will be no A.M. preschool. When school is closing early, then preschool will close early, and there will be no Monday evening ECFE if it is on a Monday.

Reminder: Distant Learning Day may coincide with a Snow Day.