Why you MUST take Vitamin D plus Hepatitis B vaccine issues and more!


Vitamin D supplements, as reported on in the National Library of Medicine and the Reviews of Endocrine Metabolic Disorders journal, can cut the risk of death from covid-19 by 51% and reduce risk of admission to intensive care hospitalization by 72%. One of the reasons for vitamin D’s success is that D helps to maintain the pulmonary (lung) barrier function, boosting innate immune response and reducing proinflammatory cytokines (proteins that are secreted by immune cells). Another study showed that none of the patients with severe covid-19 who were given high dose vitamin D died. 100% of the group improved. Sadly, the news media which either likes to sensationalize stories for viewership or is trying to please a major sponsor, reported that too much vitamin D can have “deadly consequences.” Too much vitamin D can lead to toxic build-up of calcium in your blood which can affect heart rhythm, cause bone pain, kidney damage and kidney stones. All true. But the news outlets never mentioned what is too much vitamin D and what could be done to prevent toxic D build-up in the body. For instance, the toxic build-up of calcium in the blood is related to insufficient intake of vitamin K2 when taking vitamin D. The news did not report that what causes vitamin D toxicity is vitamin K2 deficiency.

As far as what dosage of vitamin D is too high, case histories of patients who developed hypercalcemia vitamin D toxicity were taking 30,000 units of vitamin day for 120 straight days on the low end and 7 million units of D for 30 days on the upper end. Reviews of medically published research trials found that there were no issues of toxicity at dosages up to 10,000 units a day even when used long term. For optimal health and immune system support that helps to prevent the flu, common cold and covid-19, it is suggested that people take 35 units of D (when not exposed to regular sunshine) per pound of bodyweight. From what I see in my practice the average person takes around 5000 units per day. Vitamin D3 and K2 are game changers for your health. That is why I stock them in my office. In addition to the very strong immune response from vitamin D, this important vitamin has been shown to help with depression, protect against certain cancers, decrease chance of heart disease, reduce the risk of MS and support weight loss. Foods that contain vitamin naturally, not fortified include salmon, herring, cod liver, organic beef liver, egg yolks and mushrooms.

Hepatitis B Vaccine issues: This vaccine is required for all newborns (unless you have a birth plan that strongly objects) but safety data for the Hep B vaccine is lacking. Clinical trials were only performed on 147 infants and children. Post vaccination, the participants were only followed for 5 days. Any reactions to the injection after 5 days were not included. A separate trial, followed children for 4 days. This is an unnecessary vaccine for most infants and children. Hep B is only a acquired through high risk sex and IV drug use. Both of which newborn babies do not participate in. The only other way a newborn could acquire Hep B is if the pregnant mother has the disease. Rather than have a blanket policy that all newborns are vaccinated for Hep B, why not during pregnancy, test pregnant mothers for Hep B and only vaccinate the children born to mothers with active or chronic Hep B. This simple act would dramatically cut down the risk of adverse vaccine reactions, especially at a time when the life of the baby is most fragile with an undeveloped immune response.

A very frequent cause of back pain is injury to a muscle or ligament. These strains and sprains (strains occur to muscles, sprains occur to ligaments) can occur for many reasons, including improper lifting, poor posture and poor core musculature (abs, pelvis and lower back) due to lack of regular exercise. Being overweight may increase the risk of back strains and sprains as the weight of the belly pulls on the lumbar spine. From a chiropractic perspective, the muscles and ligaments are attached to the moveable bones in the spine. When a strain or sprain happens the soft tissue contracts and tugs and pulls on the spinal bones. This pulling force causes the spinal joints to fixate, becoming stuck with less motion. In addition, the alignment is altered which is called a subluxation. Once this occurs, 3 things happen. 1. Instability and weakness to that area of the spine (anywhere from the neck to the bottom of the spine) which then causes ache, pain, inflammation and restriction of motion. 2. The spinal nerves become irritated which disrupts neural impulse flow and then effects everything in the body that the particular nerve controls (this has to do with your body’s health). Lastly, when the spinal bone joints are fixated, there is friction on the bones joint surfaces, this causes wear and tear which is known as arthritis. Chiropractic analysis detects the fixated, subluxated spinal bones. The chiropractic adjustment whether by hand, low force instrument or drop pieces of a chiropractic table puts motion in the spine, freeing up the vertebral joints, allowing the body to correct the alignment, decreasing pressure on the spinal nerves, improving nerve flow to the vital systems in the body and reducing the boney friction which can lead to arthritis. Chiropractic is one of the most conservative treatments for back pain, as no medication is given to the patient. The chiropractor’s spinal adjustments help the body to heal naturally. Lastly, chiropractors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition and with that expertise comes the knowledge of knowing when a particular patient may need care or treatments from other health care practitioners or further diagnostic testing.